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Gus Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine modality used for the treatment of both chronic and acute pain, along with muscle tightness. The term Gua Sha means to scape or rub and is performed by gently scraping the area of the body that is experiencing pain. The tools used in this treatment can be made of a variety of materials such as stone, hard plastic or metal. You may have heard of Gaston, Blading or muscle scraping, these are all founded on the principles of Gua Sha.


The working principle behind Gua Sha is increased micro-circulation. When pain or stiffness is present in muscle tissue, there is usually a stagnation of blood flow and Chi (energy).Gua Sha relieves this stagnation and helps to breakup restriction, there by decreasing pain.


During a Gua Sha treatment you can expect the area being worked on to turn red in color. Petechiae ( which looks like a rash) may also form, which people think of as bruising but it is not. The color of petechiae actually is an indication of the quality of the muscle tissue and usually this fades away in 2-7 days.

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